LG 30

  • Photo © Carl Heilman II

Financing the Next Generation of Protection

We are currently recruiting a special class of investors we call The Legacy Group or LG 30—one member for every year in a full generation. LG 30 Members demonstrate an uncompromising commitment to the Legacy Strategy's protective purpose by providing the leadership financing critical to pursuing its bold agenda. Comprised of individuals, families, and institutions, this group will provide the nucleus of serious support that attracts contributions from an expanding array of investors who together share a passion for lake protection that spans generations. 

For more information regarding The LG 30, or major investment opportunities related to the Legacy Strategy, please contact our Executive Director Eric Siy at esiy [at] fundforlakegeorge.org (subject: Info%20re%3A%20LG%2030) or (518) 668 9700.