The Legacy Strategy Fund

  • Photo © Carl Heilman II
  • Photo © Carl Heilman II
  • Photo © Carl Heilman II

Invest in the Legacy Strategy

At this pivotal moment, when science tells us Lake George may be approaching a tipping point – facing the prospect of permanent degradation – only unprecedented commitment can steer the Lake from such a fate. Stopping the present decline of water quality demands bold leadership, partnership and uncompromising investment that will make Lake George a model for sustaining success. These are the essential elements of The FUND's Legacy Strategy that harnesses scientific understanding gained over the past generation to safeguard Lake George for the next. Indeed, it was The FUND's 30-year investment in studying the Lake's water quality that precipitated the Legacy Strategy and the need for decisive action driven by redoubled investment.  

Your investment in the Legacy Strategy will deliver returns for every generation to come. From The Jefferson Project at Lake George that will empower our ability to make smart decisions to a Low Impact Development Certification System that will establish a new standard for maintaining the Lake's natural resilience, the advances now underway are setting the pace needed to achieve sustained protection.    

Investment Priorities

Direct investment in tangible solutions, and the science that will ensure their effectiveness, provides the single-best method for achieving results at the pace and scale now required. This annotated list of our 2015 Investment Priorities defines our current commitments to science-guided solutions.

Campaign to Fund the Legacy Strategy  

The FUND is now in the quiet phase of its Campaign to Fund the Legacy Strategy. Core funding for the Campaign will be provided by the LG 30, a group of leadership investors (one for each year in a generation) who recognize the power of the Legacy Strategy and its promise in securing our beloved Lake George for our chldren and grandchildren. To learn more about the LG 30 and opportunities to invest in the Legacy Strategy, please contact Eric Siy, Executive Director, at (518) 668 9700 x304 or Thank you!

To make an online gift to The FUND, please visit the Give Now page.