Elizabeth Prairie

Elizabeth Prairie

Elizabeth Prairie, Saratoga Springs, NY

Why do you love Lake George?

The Lake George Region has been a special place to me. It was my introduction to the Adirondack park. As someone who loves the outdoors, Lake George really offers it all.

What's your first memory of Lake George?

My first memory of the Lake was playing on Million Dollar Beach with my brother. My parents took us there with other families to swim and play in the sand.

What was the highlight of Summer 2017 on the Lake for you?

Camping on the islands of Lake George is always a yearly highlight of the summer! Waking up and enjoying the early morning on the Lake is one of my best experiences.

When did you first become involved with the Future FUND?

I've just recently learned about the Future FUND and The FUND for Lake George. As soon as I heard about The FUND's mission and science-guided approach, I knew I wanted to be involved with like-minded peers who believe Lake George is a shared asset worthy of protecting.

Why do you support keeping Lake George clear and clean?

From a personal standpoint, the people I love most, love the Lake. And, as a small business owner (Elizabeth is the founder of Social Static - a social media marketing firm), the Lake is a central driver of many of my client's bottom line, which ultimately means it's part of mine.

What word comes to mind when you think of Lake George?


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