Chelsea and Josh Silver

Chelsea and Josh Silver

Chelsea and Josh Silver, Saratoga Springs, NY

Why do you love Lake George?

What’s not to love? This Lake is like our lifeblood. We both grew up here and wouldn’t dream of spending our summers anywhere else. It’s home, it’s peaceful, it’s just the best place on earth.

What's your first memory of Lake George?

Chelsea: That’s a tough one… I guess it would have to be chilly early winter row boat rides with my dad around the bay in front of our family home.
Josh: Fishing off the dock at my grandparent’s house.

What was the highlight of Summer 2017 on the Lake for you?

​Josh: “Backyard” camping with our 7 year old by the shoreline, making s'mores.
Chelsea: We didn’t have many this summer, but my favorite nights are always the hot, muggy ones, when a late night dip is absolutely necessary.

When did you first become involved with the Future FUND?

We first got involved a few years back when the Jefferson Project was just getting started.

Why do you support keeping Lake George clear and clean?

​This Lake is unique for many reasons, but it’s most distinguishing characteristic is how pure these waters are. Hopefully we can protect them and keep them clear for as long as possible.

What word comes to mind when you think of Lake George?