Leading the Way to Lasting Lake Health

  • Photograph courtesy of Silver Bay YMCA

A Dynamic New Partnership

The FUND for Lake George and the Silver Bay YMCA are joining forces to protect Lake George water quailty through Low Impact Development (LID).

LID and Lake Health

As the region’s leading LID expert and advocate, the Lake George Waterkeeper established a LID Manual and Certification System to curb negative land use impacts in the basin and beyond. By combining environmentally-sound practices with economic incentives, the certification system sets a new standard for protecting water quality and clarity.

The LID Manual and Certification System is a core initiative of The FUND’s Legacy Strategy, dedicated to “stopping the present decline of water quality” while we still have the opportunity. Cutting-edge science and technology of The Jefferson Project at Lake George—The FUND’s historic partnership with IBM and RPI—will guide our understanding of Lake health for the purpose of lasting protection. The Project’s advanced monitoring and modeling capabilities will track our progress in realizing the benefits of LID practices and other protection programs.

Leading by Example

The Silver Bay YMCA conference and family retreat center is located along one mile of northwestern Lake George shoreline. Its 700-acre campus is on the National Historic Register and has been the site for thousands of non-profit conferences, leadership training programs and retreats since 1902. 

Silver Bay YMCA will be the flagship LID implementation and certification site as it builds out specific projects over the next 3 – 5 years. Silver Bay will model science-guided lake protection and be a dynamic example for Lake George businesses and residences.

For more information, visit campaignforsilverbay.org.

Take a stand for Lake George water quality

Become a supporting partner.

This partnership needs your support to help improve Lake George water quality through practical and proven techniques. As one of the world’s treasured natural
resources, Lake George provides the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how diverse partnerships such as this, supported by program innovations and direct
investments, can safeguard Lake health.

Your contribution will:

1. Pioneer LID-certified projects at the Silver Bay YMCA to serve as examples for the basin and beyond.
2. Help restore and retain Lake George water quality.
3. Assure that future generations can enjoy a clean and healthy Lake George.

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