The Legacy Strategy

From One Generation for the Next

Mounting Threats to water quality have compelled The FUND to forge a generational response that fuses environmental and economic imperatives to produce the transforming energy, coherent purpose and broad resolve now needed to protect Lake George. Adopted in late 2012, the Legacy Strategy applies the state of the Lake– latest scientific understanding of water quality trends– to secure the fate of the Lake.  Guiding the strategy are powerful new tools for showing what the future of Lake George will be if present trends continue (the “status quo scenario”) and what it could be if negative trends were curbed or reversed (the “solution scenario”). The Legacy Strategy is dedicated to the solution scenario and a single driving goal: 

Stopping the present decline of water quality and achieving sustained protection of Lake George for the next generation.

The Case for Unprecedented Commitment

According to research findings of the State of the Lake Report done in conjunction with Rensselaer’s Darrin Fresh Water Institute, “without curbing present trends, Lake George faces the prospect of permanent degradation.” From a dangerous increase in salt concentrations to rising levels of chlorophyll that jeopardize the Lake's renowned water clarity, Lake George is at serious risk of lasting decline. Lake George has reached a critical inflection point where scientific understanding of the problems facing the Lake offers an historic opportunity for bold actions leading to lasting protection. The FUND has taken up this challenge to ensure our generation bestows onto the next the enduring legacy of a protected Lake George, a momentous achievement befitting The Lake’s world-class character.

From Science to Sustaining Solutions

Having invested unparalleled resources, time, and expertise in understanding the science of Lake George, The FUND is now committed to solving the problems science has revealed. Both process and product of the Legacy Strategy promise to serve as a model for how sustainability of a threatened natural resource can be effectively pursued. Rather than just looking in the rearview mirror of past research, the Legacy Strategy shines the light of science “through the windshield,” providing the vehicle for achieving sustained protection. Scalable program innovations, powerful partnerships and direct investments are the strategy's three main pillars. To learn about the Solution-driven initiatives already underway visit the “Related Programs” links above.

Invest in our Success

The success of the Legacy Strategy depends on our most committed partners. Given the gravity and urgency of the situation, investment in the Legacy Strategy is fundamental to realizing results at the pace and scale now required. The Legacy Strategy Fund is being created to finance this unprecedented body of work. At its core is the LG 30-one gift for each year in a generation-whose uncompromising commitment to the Legacy Strategy will deliver returns for generations to come. We are calling on those who share a deep passion for the priceless and timeless wonder of Lake George to invest in our success. For more information, esiy [at] (subject: RE%3A%20Legacy%20Strategy%20) (contact The FUND's Executive Director Eric Siy) at 518-668-9700.