Low Impact Development

Development with Protection in Mind

The Waterkeeper is the leading advocate for education and implementation of Low Impact Development (LID) measures in the Lake George watershed. LID encourages owners and developers to maintain a site's natural features and drainage to mitigate negative impacts of land use.  Such measures help protect water quality by mimicking nature's drainage patterns and minimizing the negative effects of stormwater runoffLID is promoted withthrough training seminars for municipal review boards, technical reviews of project applications, and an annual conference that provides continuing education credits to licensed design professionals.  

Rain Garden at Shepard Park, Lake George Village.

Key Elements of Low Impact Development (LID) Projects

  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Minimize site disturbance
  • Maintain natural drainage patterns 
  • Minimize impervious surfaces
  • Implement natural stormwater controls close to the source

 LID Certification™ System

To raise the bar for private and public development basin-wide, The FUND's Waterkeeper program is establishing a Low Impact Development (LID) Certification System. The first system of its kind in the nation, LID certification reduces the negative impacts of stormwater runoff, wastewater treatment, and land disturbance throughout the watershed. Silver Bay YMCA will be the flagship LID implementation and certification site as it builds out specific projects over the next 3 – 5 years. To learn more about this exciting new initiative, download the presentation that Waterkeeper Chris Navitsky, along with project partner Michele Adams of Meliora Design, presented at the 2015 International LID Conference in Houston, TX. Click here to access a webinar featuring this presentation.

LID Conference Archive

2011 - 2015 Conference Presentations, Agendas, Speaker Biographies, Conference Handouts, etc.

Low Impact Development is integral to The FUND's Legacy Strategy to protect Lake George for the next generation.