Buffer Lake George Program

  • Shoreline buffers are a last line of defense against pollutants entering Lake George.
  • Shoreline buffers are a last line of defense against pollutants entering Lake George.
  • Shoreline buffers are a last line of defense against pollutants entering Lake George.

Buffer to Protect

To provide assistance to property owners for the planning and purchasing of native vegetation to Buffer Lake George. 

Planting and maintaining a natural shoreline buffer is one of the best management practices a landowner can undertake to protect Lake George. A shoreline buffer provides a final defense in blocking unwanted nutrients and pollutants from entering the lake.  An effective buffer prevents erosion, absorbs excess nutrients, stabilizes and shades the shoreline.  It also provides wildlife habitat for small animals and helps deter nuisance waterfowl such as Canada geese.  

I am thrilled!! [The Buffer] looks beautiful and is a real enhancement to the property. I can't thank you enough!!!

-2014 Buffer Lake George grant recipient 

Is My Property Eligible?

Property owners on the shores of Lake George and tributaries within the Lake George watershed are eligible to apply. Through the FUND’s Buffer project, properties will be evaluated to see if they qualify for a grant. Upon acceptance, the FUND, through one of their partner nurseries, will plan the location of the buffer and purchase native plants up to a maximum value of $700.  

Application Requirements

  • A completed application is required for each project site. 
  • A site sketch or photograph of the project location and supporting documentation such as current lists of plants and conditions of site are needed with each application. 

Eligible Projects

  • Projects must be along the shoreline of Lake George or tributaries within the Lake George watershed. 
  • Projects are limited to shoreline buffers and riparian buffers. 
  • The property cannot have been awarded a Buffer grant within the past five years. 

Project Reporting

If accepted the recipient is required to supply before and after photos of the site with a short summary.  

Selection Criteria

Applications must be submitted using the Buffer Lake George Program Landowner Project Application form.  The Lake George Waterkeeper, after reviewing the documentation and application will make the final award determination. 

Grant Requirements

  • Plants are offered to individuals for Shoreline and Riparian Buffer projects only and are to be used only for the project area as defined in the application. 
  • Recipients are required to recruit volunteers, install themselves or contract with a landscaper for the installation of the buffer according to the plans. 
  • Recipient is responsible for all maintenance of plants and material and agrees to continually add on to the buffer. 
  • Recipient agrees to allow the FUND for Lake George Outreach Coordinator reasonable access to the project site to inspect and monitor progress of the installed buffer.  
  • Recipient agrees to install a provided Buffer Lake George Project informational sign. 

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